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MOLD REMEDIATION AND REMOVAL BY CERTIFIED REMEDIATORS. facilitates the remediation process through a preferred remediation vendor. Our team carefully selects only the best mold remediation contractors who are licensed, experienced and trained to carefully and safely remove mold and damaged materials from your home.

Mold Remediation

Each mold remediation project is unique in its own scope, and relies upon the assessors protocol report to identify the exact measures taken to remove mold damaged materials and spores from your home. Whether it's a simple airborne mold issue, or a structure completely covered in mold, mold remediation may need to take place in order to properly remove any mold, and has got you covered.




Every remediation project begins with first containing the contaminated area. The containment must be air tight, and under negative air pressure in order to avoid other areas of the home from being exposed and contaminated with mold once its disturbed during remediation.



In almost all remediation projects, certain equipment is typically set up for the duration of the remediation. Equipment may include air scrubbers which catch any disturbed air spores before they're able to escape the contained area, as well as dehumidifiers which help drop the humidity levels inside the containment.


Microbial Disinfecting

Using an anti-microbial agent, the entire affected area is typically wiped down to clean, remove, and neutralize mold spores on all surfaces including walls, floors, furniture, fixtures, and content. This is especially important in situations where surface mold is the main issue.


Drywall Removal

The only proper way to get rid of mold that's growing on surfaces is to have them removed. Under a contained environment, under negative air pressure, contaminated walls are removed, placed into airtight bags, and removed from the contained area for disposal.



After all contaminated walls and structures are removed, and the entire area has been wire brushed and Hepa-vacuumed, the remaining visible structures are then encapsulated in order to create a barrier and prevent any mold growth or issues from arising in these areas again in the future.

6006216ad05a276699beec8b_ULV fogger.jpg


Using an industry standard anti-microbial agent, all affected areas are fogged using a specialized ULV fogger. Fogging the remediated areas guarantees that any remaining mold spores lingering in the air are neutralized, and are then passed through the air scrubbers and exited from the contained area.

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