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We understand that dealing with mold damage in your home can be extremely stressful. takes on the burden of handling all aspects of solving your mold problem, along with coordinating directly with your homeowners insurance company to offer you quick turn around times, while making your experience completely hassle-free.


Step #1

Mold Inspection & Testing

One of our trained and licensed mold assessors will visit your home to conduct a thorough inspection of your situation. We'll document every detail, take photos, measurements, moisture and humidity readings, and if necessary, collect samples to get analyzed by a certified lab. Once the mold inspection report is finalized, together, we'll determine if is the right choice for your situation.

Same-Day Inspections Available

State Licensed & Insured

Fast Lab Results and Reporting

Step #2

Mold Remediation

If we determine that mold remediation is necessary, we'll connect you with one of our licensed preferred mold remediation contractors who will perform the mold remediation work as per our scope and protocol. We hold our preferred vendors accountable every step of the way, and monitor remediation performance to ensure successful clearance.

State Licensed & Insured

IICRC Certified

Guaranteed Mold Removal



Step #3

Rebuild & Repairs

Our top priority is minimizing the turn around time and leaving no time wasted. Once remediation is completed, we'll immediately take steps to start rebuilding and repairing your home back to pre-loss condition. Whether the repairs are limited to walls and floors, or as complex as bathrooms and kitchens, we'll handle all the repairs from start to finish.

Extremely fast turn around time

Satisfaction and Work Guaranteed

$0 Out-of-pocket Expense

Claims Handled: 2,437

Projects Completed: 2,176

Happy Customers: 100%

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